Sins of man

Souls of man, are so deformed; are so complexed with outer attractions: That he, some or other wishes to be within the mud, of sin just like the pigs love to be in it. . After the Baptism by John the Baptist, when people received the gift of Spirit, then saw the eternal light shinning on them, and there was a complete transformation in the Soul that took place. When they prayed in one heart and mind continuously to HolySpirit , something unexpected started to begin to happen in their lives. Love of Jesus was so great that, if we tries to go slip away from him due to evil nature of devil’s actions; he will start chasing us until he wins us back again to God. Jesus and his angels are always fighting for our justice. But how many of us say a word of thank to God and to Angels in the morning and at night before sleep.

God didnot share everything with man (U R L)

(U R. L)God did not share everything with man. .. … … When Lord Jesus, sent seventy two deciples around and they comes back in saying that they have completed his mission as he said. All mighty miracles took place. Even the Devil fell on to the ground into the sea like lighting. Then Jesus said, donot say,then Spirits from heaven and guarding you Jesus. What miracles each apostle does is registered in heaven. So was of the works and sins of everyone. At the very moment, Jesus rejoced the Holy Spirit ” and said, for all this time you have hidden these things from the learned and childlike.All the others had been handed over. Thus this secret bond of knowledge remained until then with Jesus and God the Father.


God’s love towards mankind

Before the creation of man, God New that he will sin against him. Although man loved God, but his tendency to sin and fall into it was very great. Man, in creation was given all worldly pleasures and treasures to please him and enjoy. There was nothing lacking for him.All these came free for them , and they started to enjoy with them to their utmost. They never thought that ,all these what they enjoy is vanity. That will last with time. The main thing, they forgot to think to care and to enrich was their undying soul. That lived for eternity. As the man was drifting in the wrong directions many times God send his representatives as angels from heaven to guide them. Still the man was in the darkness spiritually ;and they had no sufficient powers to come out to light.God’s unconditional love still continued and it never diminished.It was when, Baptismal of John the Baptist came;.then people new what sin was.

U R L. -Covenant

On the day of Baptism, we as Catholics enter into the Kingdom of God ; to serve God forever.As we grow up and understand and learn the religion fully; we gradually receive all the sacrements necessary to strengthen our faith life. Some of the sacrements could be repeatedly taken, while some of it could be taken only once in lifetime . Confession, Holy Communion , estimuntion, could be repeated any.moment for to purified the soul. More pure we are, more strong the bondage between God and us.At the time of marriage, man so pure in soul will be especially bound with God .In the same way, woman so pure will be especially bound with God.Hence at the time of marriage, when man takes the hand of the woman, and sign at the heavens too God will zeal husband and the wife. And zeal them. As they are bound for ever in bondage . In no way they could seperate from one another .As an unbroken covenant was already created in heaven .

U R L. Parable of vine

Mankind may sin, and lead bad lives as they want. The wise man, will think about his soul, and will never disdain God’s truth. So the end of time roles on, at an instant. Uninformed to anyone. The righteous man will be taken by God and sinful man will never stand a chance again. They will be taken for purification of their souls. It’s just like what happened, while clearing the vineyard. Owner saw the vineyard over grown, and carried less fruits; he told his angels to collect all good fruits. And ordered to burnt the rest. The fire gave light. The residue of the burnt tree gave fertility after few showers to the area. As new growth of truth could happen once again. This shows, God,always closely associated with sinners. Trying his best to turn him permanently towards him upto the very last breadth if necessary he will let him die completely and after days he will resurrect him to glorify Lord. He had already done it to Lararuz after his death. This showed he had power over death.Secondly he is always walking with us. In times of trouble and danger to our lives; when we are mentally fallen into trouble, he is with you. This is because breadth of God’s love for so big. And the height and depth of his love is so big , that it cannot to described.

U R L – Jerusalem refused repentance

In this culture, along with Christians; there were Saducees, Pharisee etc,. Both understood the theory of God. But not practical. Always trying to obtain publicity and popularity among mankind. Likewise due to the show off of these people, Jews did not repent as they became slaves under them.

U R L -God’s endless love to its creation.

At the very start of God creation; he created man , plant kingdom and animal kingdom in a certain balance. This balance, if distorted by man, there will be a total destruction of humanity mainly ultimately in progression. With the slightest knowledge man learned and gathered; with the unending resources available, found in the world; man thought that he can do wonders and it is more than sufficient. And when extrapolated could get the extreme knowledge that is required at the end of life time. But it was not so. The graphical pattern may not be linear. Well before man was formed knitted in the mother’s womb,he had spend 9 months on learning about this world. God had pre-planned these births prior to this stage. Birth of a baby to some mother ,was a blessing not otherwise. An excellent sad experience we, as Sri Lankans faced was the bomb attacks made by Muslim Islamist Groups on Easter Sunday bomb attacks . 2yrs had passed. Noting had been done. Three churches destroyed. Before the blast occurred, The top people was known.What God will keep silent to such an act to a group. God’s own creation made and moulded out of his own hands. Without two words, man, hearing this,will never keep quiet. He will fill first up a bud of an anger first.This slowly tends towards hatred and then killing. Thus it should be the subject of the learned people to correct these defects. Thus otherwise love never begins if there is no love , where there is always hatred.