Healing of slave

LK 7 : (1-10) When Jesus entered Capernaum, A centurion had a slave, who was ill, and about to die. He was a Roman who worked under Pontius Pilate. Thus he knows many things about Jesus. Many came to Jesus and said that this centurion had helped lot to the synagogue and deserved to be helped. When Jesus was approching he said Sir. “You are not worthy to be called under my roof . But say a word my servant will be healed” For l am a person, subjected to authority. If l say to one go they go. If l say to the other come they will come. Jesus was amazed. Even in lsrael l have not found such a faith. Then a messenger came from the house and said Sir your servant had recovered.



In LK16 :(1-13), This steward,was a rich man . He had been given to be in charge of The store house. The owner use to come and check at the days end. But been a Hebrew, he makes extra money by selling items.Thus at end of each day he had some extra money earned. It so happened once the owner ask the Steward to resign. Now he thinks for himself, he neither cannot beg by himself, he loose all his friends. Then he goes out ask some master’s debtor’s how much you owe my master? he says 100 jars of oil. Write 50 and give the bill. From the second 100 measures of wheat write 80 and gives the bill. Jesus says, world today hunts for worldly goods like money that has no valve leaving out seeking the spirit. Man in flesh is stronger than the man with spirit. But ultimately man in spirit wins!

Trampling of the innocent

In 1 Ti 2 : (1- 8) correct picture from church doctrine given by Paul ;his teacher, on trampling of the innocent people at that time. People at that time pledged God with petitions,prayers,asking for intercession with thanksgiving for rulers of state , and everyone having authority.That he may enjoy a quite peaceful life.In Godliness and respects. This was pleasing to God.As they (rulars) come to know the know the knowledge of trueth.As there is one God and one mediator. Between God and mankind. This was the testimony given at the proper time. There is lot of corruption going on underway in the present government. Among the parliamentary members trying take some money. Cancel legal cases in progress against them. For them to come into power. Such people we can imagine, if they come to power, what will be the state of his mind. He is trying to trample the innocent people in Sri Lankan and come into power.

Warning to lsraelites

Lord , hated people who humiliate the downtrodden innocent people.The poor,the rich who trampled poor. The rich who try to value them for ashes or discarded scandal . This had been happening before 8 years of the birth of Lord Jesus. It was so happening in this era too in larger scale. Where poor children had been used in drying of fish In fishing industry. Now they are mainly used in making, planting, reaping, harvesting and distribution of drugs in massive scale. Each and every member earns a lot. It had become difficult to catch them as they use well sophisticated gadgets to transport them to the required destiny. Amos 8 : (4 – 7))

Israelites waits until the Sabath day ends, to sell their grains. But purchaser buys at a low rate and also he shrinks the size of a bushel so that they can earn a good profit when sold. He cheats to such an extent he may demand a poor man even for money. Expecting to get some work done free by him. God saw all these hindrances done for the poor, It was for them, and to speak for their rights Lord Jesus was born to this world.

Filled in HolySpirit

According to Heb 5 : (7- 9 ) As Paul said, when Lord Jesus was in the form of flesh, he offered prayers and supplication with loud cries,and tears; to the one who was able to save him from death. This was heard because of his reverence. Jesus the Son , learned obedience, from what he suffered, and the way he was brought up since childhood in the family, from the parents. And hence, when he was made perfect; he became a source of external salvation; to the mankind. From his sufferings at the last supper he established the” Holy 7.Eucharist”.which we celebrate as the Pascal mystery. Holy Rosary was added as a devotional prayer. 6.Confession, (for the remission of sins). 5.Matrimony, 4.Priesthood, Holy Communion, Baptism. Once the Child was 1.Baptised and received first holy 2.communion he/she can 3confess the sins and receive other sacrements too. He is thus assumed as an adult. He can receive Jesus twice a day. These are the spiritual gifts established in the church .Christ before leaving the world,established these sacrements .

Where are you going Jesus?

Peter ! Really you do not know where l am going to.You cannot come to the place, where l go. But definitely, You will follow me later! Jesus why not now? First, l will lay down my life to all of you.Amen,Amen. Before the cock crows three times you will deny me thrice. In the same way, when Peter was there along with others, some of the servants came close to Peter and asked were you too ,with Jesus? Peter denied. Again some one else asked are you too a diciple of Jesus. Peter denied. Again when Peter was seated in the garden someone said truely you are a deciples of Jesus. Then Jesus looked back at Peter. The cock crowed. Peter could not hold back to his sences of emotion. He cried.

Birth of Mother Mary

Her birth was certain. That resulted the certainty of the birth of Lord Jesus Christ and his guide Apostle John. In turn brought about the adding a value to the rejected cross; then once limited to the hanging of criminals at that time. This gave birth to the church. It was the grace of God. The cry of Jesus. The birth of all mankind in the world. Along with came , the obedience, humility, sensitivity. It was due to all these facts , Jesus even it was not his proper time; he turned the water to wine at the wedding in ‘Cana’ at Capernaum, when mother Mary asked to do something for it. What is this word” women” means for you? Who is she? ‘Daughter ‘, ‘wife’, ‘Mother’,who are they ? all of them carries same birth and power? So be humble, be honest, lead a plain life with modesty. Definitely in his childhood times Jesus would have learned much from her.Mother Mary had an immense capacity to hold back any pain in her life.It was a life that Mother Mary lead with baby Jesus and St. Joseph.Happy Birthday Mother Mary.