Leaven bread

In LK (14-21 ) They have forgotten to bring some bread Jesus ask the to go to the boat and see whether there is bread ? They say only one unlearn bread.Then Jesus says, watch out ,guard against the unleaven of Pharisees and that of Herod. Jesus said so because their heart’s were so much hardened. Then Jesus said when I had five loves I made five thousands. When I had seven I made four thousand And fragments and wicker baskets. You have eye to see and ears to hear. Do you still seen and remembered. All what Jesus gave was unleaven bread. The bread without yeast or any poison in short.


Separation of Gold from Silver

All these are regarded as heavy metals. With high melting points. Chemically, they are very inert metals. And found in the form of ores with Silver.with M.P of 961.8 C

Gold with M.P. of. 1064 C

As both are almost about 100C closer in difference to eachother. Both rocks occur together. When melted in an inert atmosphere .The first to come out will be Silver. Thus Silver can be taken off in an inert atmosphere. On further heating to 1064C Gold separates. In an inert atmosphere. These rocks are usually found in Abaria,Africa, U.S.A..,Russia. etc

Love one another

In 1JN 4 :(11- 15 ) From the beginning we said” love one another ” unlike Cain who belonged to the evil one and slaughtered his brother . Why did Abel slaughter him? Because Cain own works are evil. Those of his brother righteous. Donot be amazed Then. If the world, hates you. We know we have passed from death to life.As we love our brothers. Whoever does not love remains in death. Everyone who hates his brother.is a murderer. In the case of Cain was angry with Abel as God over the offering he made to God.That should be resolved between Cain and Abel.That time, wages of sin is death.

The root of love

The root of love begins from our homes. From the unity, of the family, that we see. The love of the parents, the love of parents to the children and in return children’s love towards the parents. It need no money, by way of action and speach. In this regard , special emphasis should be placed on grandparents who knows much more about the world , than us.They teaches better ways. Also do not forget the “world family” and the miracle that happened in the city of Cana where when Blessed Virgin Mary said to Jesus that there is a shortage of vine in the wedding festival. Although It was not the time of Jesus ; Jesus turned water into vine. This shows the obedience of son Jesus to his Mother.And his love and unity.


When we were just born from our mother ‘s womb,the very first thing who and where ever it may be is: the nurse will raise you up from the ankle, lift you straight up hit once or twice; to the back then all the fluids; what retains in the lungs of the child removed. Then he cries.With the first cry he inhaled the first breadth of natural air; just like the air God blew into the nostrils of Adam. This is the start of life in man. That breathing ends in death.